How can we best serve your business? 

We offer two types of partnerships: Exclusivity and Account Management


Exclusivity is the efficient approach for companies who want to reap the advantage of having an Amazon partner, but are not quite ready to open their own account. This means we will buy products from you at wholesale price and be your only authorized seller on Amazon. We’ll manage your supply chain, monitor and optimize your listings, and create promotions for you.



Account Management is the long-term approach where we work with you to create an Amazon account for your company. This allows brands to reap the increased margins that come with direct to consumer sales. Outsourcing your account management to us allows you to represent yourself on Amazon while staying focused on creating great games. For account management, we offer these services:

  • On-Boarding: Your account will be set-up and we will handle all the initial documentation.
  • Optimization: We’ll analyze your current presence on Amazon (if you have one) and optimize each listing. Amazon is like any other marketplace, it’s important to create a product page that converts a potential buyer.
  • Promotions and Advertising: This is the fun part. We advertise on Amazon, Facebook, and any outside means to get your products selling!
  • Shipping and Inventory Management: We’ll keep an eye on your inventory levels and get your products shipped to Amazon at the right times.
  • Strategy and Blueprint: Selling via E-Commerce is more than just putting your products up for sale. It’s important to have a strategy that will promote growth. We’ll work together to create a blueprint for the best ways you can leverage online platforms to generate more sales.
  • Maintenance: This is boring, but crucial. Small slip-ups can damage the health of your seller account, so we handle it for you and make sure those don’t happen!

Currently we are operating in Amazon Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), Canada, and Australia.
We encourage anyone interested to contact us for further details!